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Pranidhi Varshney - Personal Biography

Pranidhi Varshney

Pranidhi Varshney is a devoted Ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher and the founder of Yoga Shala West, a community-supported Ashtanga yoga studio in West Los Angeles. She met Manju Jois early on in her journey, and he continues to be her teacher and mentor.

Pranidhi teaches to share the deep love she has for Ashtanga yoga and for all students who follow this path. She aims to cultivate, for herself and for her students, a sense of balance on and off the mat—simultaneous strength and surrender. Her goal is to inspire her students to build a regular practice, for committing to practice is the surest way she's found to live an authentic, compassionate life.

She also has a deep passion for the arts and has released an album of Sanskrit chanting. Pranidhi is active in the global yoga community, working as a Yoga Gives Back ambassador and sitting on the advisory board of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. She also works with Service Space's Laddership Circle to continue to ignite transformation in herself and others. Through all her work, she aims to inspire, provoke, build community, and ultimately touch the heart.


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