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Margarida Tree - Personal Biography

Margarida Tree

I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1995 and teaching this practice since 1998. With the desire to learn more than just the asanas, I became an avid student of philosophy, delving into such classical yoga texts and scriptures as the Pradipika, Samhitas, Yoga Sutras and Gita. This study has shaped much of my foundation in the Ashtanga yoga practice. While embracing the Ashtanga system as an 8-limbed tree, I have included more than the asana practice as part of my life. During moments where asana practice held only a small root, the practices of pranayama, dharana and dhyana proved to keep me close to my source. At the same time, the consistency of the Ashtanga series has allowed me to teach from a place of continued growth and stability because of the foundational support it provides to the other yogic limbs.

I have been teaching yoga for 16 years from a place of making this practice accessible to everyone. I have taught 6-year-olds to 86-year-olds, and I see how consistent asana practice can heal, balance and awaken anyone who is willing to step onto the mat. I am blessed to have studied under Manju Jois, who teaches from a place of joy and compassion. I have studied annually with Manju for many years in my home studio in Florida as well as in his trainings around the USA and abroad. It is an honor to continue to host Manju annually in Florida and to study with him during the summers in wonderful shalas in Ireland. As a mother of two beautiful girls, I am also blessed with their teachings which keep it all real and put things in perspective. As the landscape of life constantly changes, I am grateful to this practice as the ultimate guru--taking it one breath at a time.


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