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Stephanie Quigley - Personal Biography

Stephanie Quigley

I have been practicing yoga since being introduced to yoga in ballet class. It became evident that this energy resounded deep within me, and I kept a "practice" for many years until 1990 when I began in earnest to follow tradition and have continued with a practice that evolved into Ashtanga yoga 20 years ago. My experience has been workshops with senior teachers such as: David Swenson, David Williams, Beryl Bender Birch and Stan Hefner, including Lex Gillan with Buddhist and Vipassana meditation studies.

Practice with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois had a profound and lasting impact on my complete devotion to this tradition and which truly manifested in my spirit when I attended a workshop in early 2000 with his son, Sri Manju Jois, whose spirit and sincerity resounded with a commitment that he—Manju—would forever be my teacher. His teaching was what I had been seeking. I attended many of his workshops and have followed his method of pranayama and chanting techniques daily.

I have been teaching Ashtanga yoga for 14 years and have owned my studio in Juneau, Alaska for 8 years.


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