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Cathy Louise Broda and Glen Butcher

May 22-25, 2020

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

CANCELLED (to be rescheduled at a
later date)

Cathy Louise Broda and Glen

Ashtanga Yoga Training: Mastering
Mysore Practice

The Ashtanga adage "Do your
practice and all is coming"
motivates us to get on the mat
and work through our mind-body
stuff. It's true regular
practice reaps great rewards, but
blind faith in the method and
your teacher does not. You the
practitioner are responsible for
internalizing instruction to feed
your inner teacher. Inquiring
into and applying the knowledge
given is how you really make the
most of Mysore practice.

Ashtanga Yoga is a living
tradition. At Purple Yoga Hawaii
we teach the method as we were
taught and incorporate decades of
our own experience. In our Mysore
practice classes, students are
encouraged to learn from the
teacher, fellow students and,
most importantly, themselves.
Over four days of this
training we'll show you how to
become a more observant,
independent, and resilient
practitioner. The long weekend of
discussion, lecture,
demonstration, hands-on work and
asana practice will include
plenty of time for personal
contribution and reflection.

We'll teach you how to:
- practice for different stages
of life for women and men
- modify practice for pain,
injuries and physical
- see the effects of emotional
and mental health on practice
- interpret both corrective and
enhancing hands-on adjustments
- cultivate self-evaluation so
you can be your own best guide.

We'll also explore the:
- tools of practice: drishti,
bandhas, breath, asana and
- evolution of Ashtanga Yoga and
its influence on yoga today
- rules and restrictions
surrounding the practice of
- recommended resources for
study: books, videos, websites
- joy of practice.

Cathy Louise Broda and Glen
Butcher, owners of Purple Yoga
Hawaii, have 50 years combined
teaching experience. All levels
of Ashtanga practitioners are
welcome to this training,
including beginners. Everyone has
a story of practice, a narrative
interwoven with experience
of love, loss, work and play. We
acknowledge your story and want
to help you write the next

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